The Companys’ Strengths

The experience  acquired by the leaders of Nor-Arc Steel Fabricators and Normex Métal, in regards to large-scale projects, created a collaboration and allowed them to share with its customers their expertise gained over the last 40 years.

The strengths of their company lies in:

  • Complete detailing, engineering, fabrication and installation of manufactured equipment services.
  • Technical knowledge for estimation, monitoring the development of projects and completion  of projects of various scale.
  • Continuous quality control procedures during the design, manufacture and delivery of equipment.
  • Ongoing training of employees in regards to Health and Safety in the workplace as well as on construction sites.
  • Constant upgrade of equipment to use the new technologies available.
  • A loyal and experienced workforce.
  • High adaptability according to customers demands and specifications.
  • Projects are done within prices and timeframe agreed upon.
  • Leading to the realization of large-scale projects.
  • Financial balance.